ERIC WILLIFORD (Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Editor)

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Eric Williford produced and wrote his first feature length project, the supernatural horror film “The 8th Plague”. This film was immediately picked up for distribution by Anthem Pictures.

In September of 2006, “The 8th Plague” was theatrically premiered in Virginia to a sold out audience. “The 8th Plague” was awarded Best Feature at the 2006 Freakshow Horror Film Festival as well as Best Cinematography at the 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival.

Immediately upon the release of “The 8th Plague”, Mr. Williford produced another feature length horror film titled “CARVER”.

Matt Carmody, one of the actors from “CARVER”, received the Best Actor Award at the 2007 Freakshow Horror Film Festival.

On March 4th 2008, “CARVER” was released worldwide to overwhelming critical acclaim and a cult following amongst horror fans. The film was released domestically by Allumination Filmworks and Internationally by Dream Entertainment.

In June of 2011, Mr. Williford wrote, directed, shot, and edited the short film “Pack a Bag, Quick!”. This horror film was selected to both the San Diego Film Festival and the Southern Cal Film Festival.

In November of 2015, Mr. Williford released the feature length thriller “Natalie’s Lose Lose”, a film that he directed, produced, shot, edited, and wrote. The film is available worldwide on DVD as well as download and streaming. The film was released by Shami Media Group.

After the release of “Natalie’s Lose Lose”, Mr. Williford produced, directed, shot, edited, and wrote the feature length grindhouse film “Bikini Mayhem”.

On March 8th 2016, “Bikini Mayhem” became available on all major online retailers as well as on the Roku streaming device. The film was released by R-Squared Films.

In August of 2016, the short film “Between Us Girls” (written, directed and edited by Mr. Williford) screened during the Oceanside International Film Festival

Eric Williford currently resides in Southern California.

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